Ghost Towns for Sale

Posted by Steve Minino on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 4:33pm.

It may seem kind of creepy, but there are ghost towns for sale across the country. And there are interested buyers as well.

Some people looking to buy ghost towns are attracted to a dream of  "owning" a piece of history and the stories that come with it - of becoming part of that history and part of the stories that are told about the area. Owning a town and being the only resident means you can be the mayor, the judge, and the jury all at once.

Ghost Town SaloonOther people have goals of recreating an old fashioned town complete with post office, jail, and court house.

Still others simply want the isolation and tranquilty of living where noone else does.

For some, the dream grows and becomes a reality as groups of people come together and try to preserve and recreate the Wild West. For others, the loneliness becomes too much. The howling wind and the creaks and groans of the landscape force them to finally sell, leaving their dreams behind for the next ghost town hunter.

This is what happened for a family in Utah who is now trying to sell Woodside, a 706-acre ghost town, three hours southeast of Salt Lake City, for $3.9 million. Read their about their ghost town for sale here and here.

If you just want to visit a ghost town (but not buy it), scroll down to find out where ghost towns in Nebraska are and where the coolest ghost towns in the United States are.

If you are interested in buying a home that is not in a ghost town, contact us!

Coolest Ghost Towns in America

According to Travel + Leisure, the Coolest Ghost Towns are:

Ghost Town Jail
  1. Bodie, CA
  2. Terlingua, TX
  3. Thurmond, WV
  4. Santa Claus, AZ
  5. Flagstaff, ME
  6. Calico, CA
  7. Virginia City, MT
  8. Cahawba, AL
  9. Dogtown, MA
  10. Rhyolite, NV
  11. Glenrio, TX and NM
  12. Goldfield, AZ
  13. Gleeson, Courtland, and Pearce, AZ

Ghost Towns Around Omaha, Nebraska

Scroll down to view a list of the most interesting ghost towns around Omaha or to read more about Nebraska ghost towns.

Ghost Town in Nebraska
  1. Ambroy
  2. Arborville
  3. Buffalo
  4. Elk City
  5. Fontenelle
  6. Herman
  7. Portal
  8. Rock Creek
  9. Stockham
  10. Strang
  11. Union Center
  12. Wayland

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