Buying "Green" Homes in Omaha, NE

Posted by Steve Minino on Friday, November 9th, 2012 at 5:27pm


Many people are attempting to build or remodel homes in Omaha to Green Building Standards. But home builders, architects, designers, and home owners all have different perspectives on what a "green" home in Omaha looks like. So if you are looking to buy a green home, how can you be sure that it is a green home? Do all certified green homes have the same features?

First, true green homes are certified. A Nebraska Certified Green Built home will have documentation that a buyer can see. Homes built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards will also have documentation. There are different levels of LEED certification, so if you are looking to buy a LEED built home, ensure that you understand what the different levels are. Some Omaha homes may not have green certification, but the owners or builders may have added some green features to the home.

Depending on the standards aspired to, different homes offer different green features. So before you search for a green home to buy, make sure you know what you are looking for. Green homes can offer much more than just EnergyStar® appliances and low flush toilets. While a rooftop garden and bamboo flooring may be considered "green" features, the home may not be certified as a Nebraska Certified Green Built home.

Take a moment to scroll through the following list of common features in certified green built homes.

Common Features in Omaha's Green Homes

  1. Deciduous shade trees on the south and west sides,
  2. Natural light entering a room from two sides in at least 50% of the homes total living space,
  3. Recycling holding areas in, or near, the kitchen,
  4. An R-3.2 or better insulated exterior wall sheathing,
  5. Non-toxic, termite protection such as termite shields,
  6. Poly vapor barrier under floor slabs,
  7. No metal framed windows
  8. Bath fans that are EnergyStar® and controlled with a timer,
  9. Exhaust fan in garages with a timer,
  10. Light colored, recyclable roofing,
  11. An active or passive solar heating system,
  12. An active solar system for cooling,
  13. Steel studs in more than 90% of the interior walls,
  14. Doors that are not Luan or tropical hardwood
  15. Photocell controlled exterior lighting,
  16. Light interior colors,
  17. EnergyStar® appliances,
  18. Interior and exterior clotheslines,
  19. Flooring that has recycled content, is bamboo, or is cork,
  20. Carpet that is tacked not glued,
  21. Low-biocide paints,
  22. Solar, photovoltaic or wind powered water heating,
  23. Xeriscaping,
  24. 2.0 gpm faucet in the kitchen,
  25. Gray water irrigation system, and
  26. A gravity hot water recirculating system

Buying a green home is no easy task. For a more detailed list, with some explanations, click on the link below, or go here:

Omaha offers a good selection of green homes for sale with a wide variety of features. If you want to buy a green home, knowing precisely which green features you are looking for, will make your search much easier.

For help finding a Nebraska Certified Green Built home, contact The Hopkins Home Team.